Oldest kept secret? The Healing Powder of smudging!

The art of smudging has been a ceremonial ritual for centuries. Traditionally used by Native Americans, ancient Rome, Greece, and ancient Egypt as a way to cleanse the space from negative energy or spirits.

Smudging is the act of burning herbs with intention for getting rid of negative energetic blocks on yourself, in your home or any space. As well as bringing forth positive energy and invigorating the mind body and spirit.

Smudging can be helpful for when feeling depressed, anxious, for clearing weird or sagnant energy in yourself or any space. The herbs each have their own properties listed below and are not limited to the herbs included.

Today, more studies are showing that the art of smudging is more beneficial than just on a spiritual and energetic level too. It has been seen that sage kills 94% of airborne bacteria and the space remains bacteria free for up to 24 hours. There are also sources the indicate other benefits of burning sage such as helping to; repel insects, improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve intuition. It’s also been linked to helping with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

So how do we accomplish this said “art” of smudging. See our smudges set to get you started or go to any local natural grocery store, new age shop or make your own. Wrapping fresh herbs with string and letting them dry out in a warm window for a week or 2 before burning.

To smudge, light a smudge stick and let it catch fire. Blow out the flames and allow the smoke to bellow. This can be done on an as need basis. Using a dish or abalone shell to catch ashes, move the smudge stick. Allowing the smoke to get into every crevis, and walking around the space letting the smoke reach every corner.

One of the most important acts of smudging is the intention. By bringing in this mindfulness aspect you’re able to direct energy in the direction you desire. Setting your intention or saying a prayer, creating space for manefesting your desires! Allow space for evolution, overtime one develops a ritual that works best for them, so be creative and have an open mind.

This is soul medicine, often you'll hear us describe smudging as our daily attitude adjustment! Really, all you really need to believe is that you can cleanse yourself, your space, and your possessions. Choose your favorite herbs and ENJOY!!

Sage- Most known ceremonial smudge plant. It can change the mood and energy of the room. Used for meditation, cleaning, and purification.

Palo- Helps to purfy the spirit and bring forth positive energy. Brings a deeper connection to divine source and inspires creativity.

Rosemary- This herb is a powerful cleanser for the home and your aura. Associated with the masculine energy, of fire, and the sun.

Internally it acts as a vasodialator and stimulant. Awakening the senses.

Cedar- Used to drive out negative energy, bring in good influences, also used to bless new homes.

Juniper- Burned for ceremonial purificaiton and to invigorate the mind, body, and spirit.

Lavender- Also used for cleansing, but also psychic protection. Helpful for creating the energy of happiness and healing, purification, and tranquility

Mugwort-Traditionally used to cleanse energy and get rid of negativity. This herb is great to burn before bed or in times of emotional clearing as it is known for stimulating dreams

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